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MUSE Internships


What is the MUSE Internship Program?

The MUSE Internship Program offers campus offices and departments an opportunity to partner with MUSE to create paid, mentored undergraduate student internships within those departments. The goal of these internships is to provide undergraduate students with professional experience, learning opportunities, and community-building opportunities within a department on campus. At the same time, the department who mentors the intern will benefit from having a student focus on a unique project that addresses a departmental need. Sponsorship is provided for internships during Spring term only.

How to become part of the MUSE Internship Program:

Any campus department is welcome to submit an application for a MUSE Internship. Applications must clearly state the internship duties, objectives and goals, educational and professional components, and desired qualifications of the intern. Applications must also identify a mentoring individual within the partnering department who will closely guide the intern through the duration of the internship. Keep in mind the selection process is highly competitive, so thoroughness on the application is encouraged. The application for Spring 2023 will be available in mid-Fall 2022.

***In light of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, internships should be designed to accommodate a full transition to online work if necessary.***

MUSE Internship Details:

Once MUSE approves a department's internship application, MUSE will assist the department by advertising the position to eligible students, participating in the interview process, and providing common expectations and outcomes to benefit both the student and the department.

Once an intern is selected, the department should follow official hiring practices set by Human Resources to onboard the intern, usually utilizing the Student Job (SJ) designation. The student intern should track their hours in Kronos for review by the department. While we understand and appreciate that each department faces its own institutional requirements, to the extent that it’s possible and for the benefit of the students involved we strongly encourage departments to offer the intern at least 10 hours of constructive work per week over the course of the 15 weeks of Spring term (150 hours total). MUSE will provide each department with a total of $2,250 per intern, which will offset the expense the department incurs to pay the intern $15/hr. for for a total of 150 hours of work during the term. (Note: In some cases, MUSE also supports internships with varied hours, duration, and wages. However, we cannot exceed a maximum financial contribution of $2,250 per intern. MUSE’s financial contribution will occur at the end of the term when the intern's mentor provides MUSE a full accounting of the hours the intern worked.

Deadlines to Apply for a MUSE Internship:

[The application for Spring 2023 will be available in mid-Fall 2022.]

If you have any questions, please contact Libby Henriksen at

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Last Updated: 10/17/22