Become a MUSE Scholar



MUSE will keep you up to date about exciting campus opportunities, and you can participate as much as you’d like.


MUSE provides you the chance to meet and engage with with mentors, national guests, and U professors.


Our events are designed to connect you with students from all disciplines who share your interests.  


At MUSE, it’s our goal to ensure every student has at least one signature experience during their time at the University of Utah. A signature experience might be an on-campus internship, a project with a faculty member, or a compelling class, but it might also be the chance to participate in a book discussion group or to spend time with a national guest. Regardless of what your signature experience will be, MUSE is here to make access to those experiences easier

As a member of the MUSE community, you’ll automatically be in the loop about unique opportunities all across campus and you’ll have first dibs when it comes time to participate. Plus, being a MUSE Scholar is a great way to make new friends and easily get to know University professors outside of the classroom.