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Muse Casual Fridays Outside Poster

Each Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., join MUSE outside at the Sill Center for free breakfast, coffee, OJ, and a break! Bring your friends along to grab a bite to eat, hear about upcoming MUSE events, and connect with professors and other students.

This event will be held outside through the fall, or until it snows. 

“After I started coming to Casual Fridays, I started to feel like I had a place here, and I no longer felt as homesick. It’s nice to have an event every Friday to look forward to and a place where I belong.”
--Izzy Fuller, MUSE Scholar

 “As a hard sciences major (Chemical Engineering), I feel that MUSE Casual Fridays really help me to diversify and interact with other people outside the scope of engineering. Learning about the lives of others and discussing interesting topics really helps to show the human side of every major. I love MUSE Casual Fridays and hope to see them continue in the future.”
--Michael Adkins, MUSE Scholar

“Casual Fridays are a great time and great opportunity to meet new students and friends. All students will love them!”
--Jordan Anderson, MUSE Scholar


Last Updated: 10/4/21