Mentor Expectations


Mentors of MUSE interns are encouraged to fulfill a small set of expectations. MUSE will prioritize future internship applications from those mentors/departments who fulfill these expectations.

  • Please mention MUSE as a co-sponsor on any official documentation or in any marketing efforts related to the internship, including job postings. (Please note that it is the campus office’s responsibility to interview and hire an intern. If needed, MUSE can provide additional advertising and other assistance, but we do not participate in the actual hiring process.) 
  • Provide the intern with an challenging, guided, and meaningful experience throughout the semester.
  • MUSE will provide two surveys for the mentor to complete, in order to evaluate the goals and results of the internship. Complete the Mentor Pre-Survey by the first week of the semester, and the Post-Survey by the last week of the semester.
  • MUSE will provide two forms for the intern to complete, in order to evaluate the goals and results of the internship from the student’s perspective. Please ensure your intern completes and submits the Intern Contact Form and the Intern Reflection Form.
  • MUSE will provide co-sponsorship for the internship in two portions: a first installment upon our receipt of the Intern Contact Form, and a second installment at the end of the semester upon our receipt of a final accounting of hours worked by the intern. 
  • Each semester, MUSE will host two socials for all MUSE mentors and interns. These socials are a great way for different office participants to hear from each other about their accomplishments each semester, and to build community within the MUSE internship program. Both mentors and interns are highly encouraged to attend the socials.
  • Please encourage your intern to participate in MUSE events. (Mentors are welcome to attend all MUSE events, as well.)
  • Promptly inform MUSE of any termination or change in the hired intern.

*If you would like additional help advertising an open internship position to the University student body, MUSE will gladly assist. Please contact Libby Henriksen at (801) 587-3172 or