Internship Proposal Application

Note: This application is for campus department use only. If you are a student who is interested in participating in an internship, check out some of these helpful resources provided by Career Services.

In order to be considered for internship co-sponsorship from MUSE, the department/mentor of the internship must complete this application. Please note that no incomplete applications will be considered. Please see for application deadlines.

**All fields are required.**

Internship Title:

Internship Semester:

Campus Office/Organization:

Mentor Name and Title:

Mentor Email:

Mentor Phone Number:

Internship Pay Rate (dollars per hour):

Anticipated hours per week:
*Please track hours intern worked. You will be required to submit final hours to receive full MUSE contribution.

Learning Objectives (skill sets and knowledge you hope intern will develop):

New or Existing Internship:

If you already have an intern selected, please provide their name (if not, please ignore this section):

Intern Roles and Responsibilities:

Comments/additional information: