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The University of Utah MUSE Project 

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Prof. Mark Matheson, Director

Phone: (801) 581-3677 | Email:

Mark has been inspired by University of Utah students throughout his twenty-five years of teaching in the English Department and the Honors College. A native Utahn, he received his M.A. from the U and his Doctorate from the University of Oxford. Mark is avid about traveling with U students to London, where he teaches seminars on British Literature. Mark also serves as the Director of the University of Utah-based Tanner Lectures on Human Values. He continues to teach and greatly enjoys advocating for students’ educational interests through The MUSE Project.


Libby Henriksen, Program Manager

Phone: (801) 587-3172 | Email:

Libby is a graduate in English from the University of Utah. After spending several years as a researcher and writer in the financial sector, she returned to the U and is proud to contribute to MUSE’s mission of helping students have transformative experiences during their undergraduate years. Her priority is for students from all disciplines and backgrounds, regardless of their current level of involvement, to feel like the U is their own and to know how to take advantage of the many life-changing opportunities available to them here.

Ryan Holbrook, MUSE Intern

Phone: (801) 587-3172 | Email:

Ryan is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in English. Asidefrom picking apart literary texts, he is passionate about finding and promoting social change initiatives through entrepreneurship. He is involved in a number of socially responsible startups and also with on-campus organizations like the Hinckley Institute of Politics, where he just finished up a stint serving on the editorial board of their political journal. He is a firm believer in the value of a rich and diverse education, and he is excited to help the MUSE Project provide a platform for students to create a learning experience at the U that is unique to them. 



Lindsey Vickers, MUSE Intern

Phone: (801) 587-3172 | Email:

Lindsey is a senior at the University of Utah. She graduated with a degree in English in the Spring of 2017, and she is completing another degree in Anthropology. She is passionate about how people communicate ideas pertaining to historically underrepresented and/or marginalized peoples. Lindsey is excited to increase MUSE’s presence on social media and to help determine how they can best serve University of Utah students. In her spare time, she likes to read, paint, climb, and play with her cat.